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Benefits Federal MM2H
What are the benefits of Malaysia's MM2H Visa? Besides the weather, people and the food, that is.


Visa Tenure
Individual or families on the MM2H Visa can stay in Malaysia for 5+5 years, with an option to renew.

House Purchase
SMM2H-holders may buy and own a home outright, subject to approval. Note: Minimum price typically is fixed RM1M, though in some states this is higher and in some it's lower. The bank used for the mortgage usually wants the mortgage to be fully paid by age 65/70. Note that it may take up to six months for the home purchase to be approved. Lastly, if there's a profit on the home upon selling, capital gains apply. This is 30% within five years and 5% thereafter.

Tax Exemptions
No tax is levied on any offshore funds remitted into Malaysia, be it dividends, rental income, share trading profits or other funds received from aboard by direct bank-to-bank transfer. Inheritances are exempt from tax also. Additionally, any fixed deposit interest gains are tax-free as well.

SMM2H-holders may bring their children as dependants. Note: Applies to single children only and a maximum age of 21 years applies. Parents and parents-in-law of the main applicant may also be brought as dependents, as well as one helper.

Dogs and cats can be brought in from overseas, provided they're chipped and meet all other health certificate requirements.

SMM2H-holders may own a company or shares of a company, typically without the usual local requirements. Note: Terms and conditions apply.

SMM2H-holders over the age of 50 may work part time. Note: Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click the + for the answers)

That used to be the case. However, since the start of 2024, all MM2H applications need to be submitted by a recognized MM2H agent. More details? Please submit the form at the bottom of this page.
No. The fixed deposit needs to be placed at a local bank.
Depending on the situation, after one or two years, the FD may be tapped into. Do note that a balance of RM100,000 must be retained for participants over 50 and RM150,000 for those below the age of 50.
Yes, with MM2H, you're free to buy a property. In fact, Malaysia is one of very few countries that allows foreigners, citizens of Iceland included, to buy and own property outright, even freehold property. Sure, some terms and conditions apply, but that's fair enough. Use the form below if you'd like more details on this topic.
The medical includes tests for communicable diseases, including TB, HIV, Malaria and Hepatitis. Yes, all dependents need to undergo and pass the medical. The medical can take place at any certified medical institution, as long as it's in the same jurisdiction as the MM2H application in question. In some cases, applicants that have been denied insurance eligibility, for instance on the basis of their advanced age, can have the medical waived.
Choosing the right medical insurance ensures you're appropriately covered for any medical episodes that may be encountered. As there are several companies in Malaysia, local and international, offering suitable insurance services, we recommenddoing due diligence to whittle your options down to a couple of contenders. Use the form below to let us know if you could use some suggestions.
By default, employment is not permitted whilst in Malaysia. However, MM2H holders over 50 years of age can submit a request to work part-time. Typically, this request is approved.
It typically takes roughly three months for the visa application to be processed. There are exceptions, however, since the process may involve third-party entities, including authorities located overseas.
Offshore income, including general remittances, rental income and fixed income such as dividends, FD coupon payments, are all not taxable. Any capital appreciation, both offshore and local, is also not taxed. However, locally-derived employment income is taxable. Need more details? By all means let us know with the form below.
Yes. And yes, MM2H holders are eligible for bank loans of up to 80% of the value of the property. More details? Please submit the form at the bottom of this page.
You'll need to present a letter by your government/employer as well as 3/6 months' worth of banks statements that display the amounts in question.
Yes, a bond is payable by the MM2H applicant; the exact amount depends on the applicant's country of birth. More details? Go ahead and use the form at the bottom of this page.
Your kids need to be enrolled first, upon which you can apply for the relevant MM2H Visa.
Foreigners in Malaysia, citizens of Iceland included, are permitted to buy land for residential purposes only.
Sure. As long as you ended up staying a minimum of 90 days for all of the calendar years of your MM2H Visa, you've met that requirement.
You can simply have your passport renewed, after which you'll be able to add the balance of your MM2H tenure at the immigration office of your MM2H's jurisdiction.
You can take your passport to the immigration office in your jurisdiction, along with all documents required, after which the renewal will be processed. More details? Please use the form below.
Your kids need to be enrolled first, upon which you can apply for the relevant MM2H Visa.
If you're application is on the basis of your kids' education, their school needs to be in the jurisdiction of the MM2H you're applying for.
Please provide documentation containing details of the medical condition in question, as verified by either a private or a government physician registered with the Malaysia Medical Council.
Yes, that's correct. Buying or renting a home is not a requirement for the Federal MM2H Visa. It may, however, be applicable for S-MM2H. For more details on this, click here.
MM2H is a risk-free program and it can be cancelled prematurely quite easily, after which any fixed deposit will be duly returned. The exact steps depend on the circumstances of the MM2H-holder, however. For the full process, please submit the form below.

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