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MM2H Benefits
What are the benefits of Malaysia's MM2H Visa? Besides the weather, people and the food, that is.

The exact benefits of the MM2H Visa depend on the type of visa, but the MM2H program is known for being relatively generous in terms of the privileges granted to holders, regardless of the type of MM2H Visa chosen.

The MM2H program consists of several different types. These are:

1. Federal MM2H (MM2H)
2. Premium ViP MM2H  (PViP-MM2H)
3. Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H)
4. Sabah MM2H(SBH-MM2H)

The Federal MM2H Visa and Premium ViP MM2H Visa are applicable to Peninsula Malaysia, i.e. West-Malaysia, while the Sarawak MM2H Visa and Sabah MM2H Visa, respectfully, pertain to the Sarawak and Sabah provinces on the island of Borneo.

These two states, or provinces, have historically had more autonomy than the other Malaysia provinces and, as a result, have each established their own, fully independent MM2H Visa program.

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